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We have previous reports where people have had items stolen from their homes and have entered via an open window at the rear of the property. Unfortunately these houses hadn't set the alarm when they left, which meant the burgular had opportunity to roam freely around the house. 

Can all tenants please ensure that house alarms are set properly and that all windows and doors are shut and locked securely.

You would have all been given a Safety & Security information sheet when you moved into the property. If you haven't yet read through it, please do so now. 

Below are some important points for you to consider:

House Alarms

Each house is fitted with an alarm, which should be used during the day when you’re out of the property and especially at night, whether you’re in the property or not. When set correctly, the alarm will sound should someone attempt to break the window, door etc. and normally drives thieves away empty-handed


If you’re unsure how to use the alarm, please contact the office as soon as possible and someone will pop round and show you. 


Windows, Doors & Gates 

Can you all ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked during the day and night. This includes ensuring both locks on the front door are locked for added security. Often, would-be thieves would casually try door handles and windows to see if any have been left unlocked. If you have a gate to your property, please can you ensure that it is also locked after use.  


House Lights 

If you know the house will be empty in the evening, particularly at this time of year when it begins to go dark from 4pm onwards, or if you are all away for the weekend/week, it might be sensible to arrange for a few lights within the property to come on at certain times in the evening and for bedroom doors to be left ajar, so the light can shine through. This will help give the impression that the property is occupied and can be an extremely good deterrent for opportunistic thieves. 


The light outside your front door is a dusk ‘til dawn security light. If you find that it isn’t working, please contact the office and someone will pop round to fix it. Please do not switch it off by the mains. This light is for your safety and costs very little to run.


All properties are at risk of a break-in occurring. If simple precautions are taken, the risk will decrease. Please do take the above information into consideration and the necessary precautions to look after yourselves, your belongings and the property.  

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