As I'm sure you're all aware, there is a lot of uncertainty around the coronavirus and with the number of cases in the UK climbing, it is important for everyone to follow the official guidance from the NHS, which can be found here , which encourages everyone to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, cough and sneeze into tissues and dispose of as soon as possible, wipe down surfaces and avoid touching your face.


It is really important that you inform our office if you have recently visited or residing in higher risk areas; are showing any symptoms of the virus or; are in self isolation due to contracting the virus.


Self Isolation

If you have been asked to or feel you need to self isolate, there are a number of things to consider, particularly those who are living with other people, as this will mean a higher risk of an infection spreading.

  • Remain in your own room as much as possible, avoiding communal areas

  • Use separate cutlery and crockery, clean your own dishes and use a separate tea towel

  • Where possible, try to schedule routines so that the person self-isolating uses the bathroom last, uses separate towels and cloths and cleans surfaces thoroughly (we appreciate this is easier said than done!)

  • Tell anyone visiting your property that you or your housemate is self-isolating

Maintenance Issues

If you are self isolating, you must inform the maintenance team when reporting all maintenance issues. As a matter of course, we will, for the time being, not be attending any non-urgent maintenance issues. We will view and assess each job individually, so please do keep reporting any maintenance issues that arise. As a company, we have to minimise any unnecessary risk to our contractors. Any urgent maintenance jobs will still be dealt with as a priority. If visiting a property where tenants are self-isolating, precautionary measures will be taken by our staff and we will ask all tenants to remain isolated and out of the way of any of the maintenance team who are in attendance.


We ask all tenants to avoid coming to the office and instead to contact us either by 'phone or e-mail.


The risk level from Coronavirus has already been raised from low to moderate, with further advise and greater restrictions expected over the next few days. We will keep you updated on any further changes we as a company make and thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation.

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